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Soft & Gentle 'No Sweat' 1997 UK Tour

Louise - Soft & Gentle No-Sweat Tour

These are the reviews that I've received relating to the Louise UK Solo Tour.

The Tour Song List | The Tour Venues and Dates

Sheffield Concert

The support was Cleopatra and Ultra. The tickets said show starts at 7:30pm so I got into town at about 7pm to get some cash from the bank for all those Louise goodies but the cash point spit my card back out saying it can't do the transaction so off I go to the next one. About five banks later I gave up, some guy told me the ones he tried didn't work either so I got to the City Hall with about 4 quid :-( Not quite enough for the programme etc (Sorry about that little boring bit!).

I got inside at about 7:50pm, I think Cleopatra came out about 8:10pm. They weren't exactly great, the lead (Cleopatra) had a decent enough voice but the songs won't win any awards in my opinion. One of sisters lost her place in the choreography a couple of times and had to check the others to get back into step but still...

Then Ultra came out, four lads from Buckinghamshire who've (according to the pamphlet) decided they're going to become the next pop sensation! If they say so though, as I'm not sure I quite believe that, though I must admit (rather quietly though) that I liked them better than Cleopatra.

The lights came back up after the support had done at about 8:45pm. They stayed on for another half an hour much to the annoyance of some fans who groaned as each new track of the background music came on. Some decided to amuse themselves by getting up and dancing which got a big cheer from the crowd.

The lights then dimmed for the moment we were all waiting for... LOUISE! After the little intro everyone burst through the video screen and she kicked off into 'In Walked Love'.

She looked gorgeous thoughout (much to the delight of those who just went to see *her*, and there seemed a lot of them) and she sounded even better!

The choreography was good, not as spectacular as say 'Paula Abdul' but very good nevertheless.

It was in for a *real* treat, I wish I could go again, though I would have liked to be right down at the front, they had the real fun, not me stuck up on row X, well thats not quite true as the show was great and I loved every bit of it.

At the start I was gonna try and remember the set-list but that had gone by the time we got to the medley. I'll just end by saying it was amazing, you certainly ain't gonna regret buying the ticket!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Paul Delaney)

Nottingham Concert

I took my younger sister to see Louise at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall in November and we had a great time!

We were sat on the third row so had an excellent view.
Unlike most of the people on the mailing list I didn't think much of Cleopatra, or Ultra, nothing original there at all. The young girl from Cleopatra had an excellent voice though I didn't see the point of the 'group' - what did her sisters do? I think she may be better off going solo and getting some less derivative material that does her voice justice. Ultra were typical 'boy band' with nothing new to offer. Maybe it's because I'm too old for their market!!!(I'm 26!)

I thought that Louise's entrance was pretty good but we didn't really need the dancer (although I have to admit that I didn't mind looking at him!) pretending to 'wonder where the music is coming from' as it was pretty obvious. Maybe she should have 'surprised' us by making her entrance from somewhere else other than behind the white sheet!

I don't think you could really fault her singing at all, if she did mime any of the songs, it's a credit to her professionalism that no-one in the audience noticed. I loved the 70's Medley (it's my era!!) and I think she made the right choice in not doing any Eternal tracks, This tour was to establish her as a solo artist and covering the old songs would have defeated that purpose somewhat!

Apart from the 70's Medley, my favourite's were; 'When Will My Heart Beat Again' (you can't beat accoustic stuff, if you can pull that off you can do anything and Louise and the guitarist were both superb on this track), 'In Walked Love' and 'Naked' - because it's my favourite!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Lisa Stevens)

Portsmouth Concert

6:30pm. Its dark, dismal, and it looks as if its going to tip down any second now.

The Guildhall, Portsmouth is looking pretty active, there's already a queue of about 50 people waiting for entrance to the gig, which isn't due to start until 7:30. I walk on by, I have to go and meet a friend from the station. We go and have a bite to eat and get back by about 7:15, and there's the first shock of the evening. The queue has expanded to about 80 meters long and 3 people wide.

I'm pleased to note that my worst fears aren't going to be confirmed. Only about 60% of the crowd are under 16 or look like the parents of people under 16. This is good, as now me and my friend Steve (21 and 22 respectively) won't look like the oldest perverts in town.

We get to the entrance and the queue behind us is as big as the one we joined in the first place. I've never seen such a large turnout for a concert in Portsmouth, Okay, so we don't often get decent acts, but this is ridiculous!!

Anyway, we take our seats (Front row, thanks to a combination of blind luck and a very nice lady at the box office on Friday.), and wait for the show....

First up are the support acts, a group called 'Cleopatra' who sing and dance around enthusiastically enough, and get the youngsters in the crowd going mental. They have some good tunes, and their main vocalist has a very good voice. I'm pretty impressed with them as a first support, that is, until I read the postcard about them that was on the seats when we arrived. I have to hold back the urge to throw up when I read their 'catchy' band slogan. 'Cleopatra - comin' atcha!'... still, at least they sound ok.

Second and final support is provided by the four-piece boy-band 'Ultra' (isn't that a washing powder?) who have, apparently 'decided that they're going to be the next pop sensation'. Oh, they have, have they?

Well, at first glance they have all the credentials of a chart topping boy-band:- They don't play live and they could all present Blue Peter.

Once I've set aside my feelings of disgust at their obvious miming (The drummer is using foam drumsticks!), and listen to the tracks, its pretty straight forward to work out why their promoters are pushing them so much (Their information postcard is postage pre-paid! Cleopatra's isn't.).

From a teenage girls viewpoint (not one I use often, honest!), I can see that they look good, and most of all look like they are enjoying themselves. The songs are instantly forgettable, but they are the sort of thing that's shifting records by the dozen in the present chart.

Between them Cleopatra and Ultra take about an hour to go through their stuff, and by the time they go off, the crowd is screaming at everything. (Even the houselights going up?!!? Weird!).

We have to wait 15 minutes whilst the backstage crew sort everything out for the main attraction, and finally our patience is rewarded by a cinema screen descending near the back of the stage, and showing a couple of minutes of what is presumably Lou's new video documentary, before the screen fades out and rises back up out of the way...

The music starts... The fact that it's a real band playing it makes it harder to work out which tune it is for a while, but then the backing singers come in and we all work out that its 'In Walked Love', So where is she then? We're all looking to the sides of the stage to see where she's going to come in from. About a second before the first verse is due to start the spotlight hits the back of the stage and a beaming Louise and a group of dancers burst out through the paper curtain that is where the screen just left. Ok, so now we look stupid, but do we care? Nope.

The first song is dispatched with enthusiasm , and a confidence which you wouldn't expect considering that this is only the 3rd concert on her first ever solo tour. More or less as soon as she hits the stage she comes to the front and starts waving at everyone and saying "Hi", this is whilst carrying the tune and doing a dance routine. Looking back at it now I can't really describe how she did it, but you just get a feeling that she means it all, for about an hour and a half, it's just her and you, even if 'you' happens to be about 4000 screaming fans. I think this must be what they call the 'personal touch'. If so, then she's incredibly good at it. She picks me out for a smile and a wave near the end of the first song, and that's it I'm afraid, I'm a schoolboy again, and will remain so for the rest of the concert. This has the unfortunate effect of rendering me unable to remember every song in exacting detail, but it'll take a few days yet to get the smile of my face.

'In Walked Love' finishes, the crowd go wild for 20 seconds and then she looks at us all and frowns, takes a couple of seconds to work out what's wrong, then comes to front of the stage. "Right.. I want you all to stand up". We all sort of look at each other, then she says "Now!" and there's the sound of 4000 people all struggling to their feet. "That's better!", she beams, and takes off into another one.

In among the first salvo of songs we get treated to 'Light Of My Life', 'Undivided Love' (complete with cane-wielding dance routine), and a couple of others off the 'Naked' Album. She then has a costume change, and we find ourselves being treated to 70's night, with Lou doing her latest single 'Lets Go Round Again', and a thumping cover of 'Car Wash'.

At this point a mention should be made of the band. I've never seen Lou sing to live backing before, and I must admit to being impressed with the rapport there is between them. The lead guitarist is impeccable, and at one point covers a costume change with a two minute guitar solo that I would *really* like to be able to play. The major difference between the album and the concert is the hard edge to the music. The albums shy away from the use of excessive bass and guitar riffs, but these are much in evidence at the concert, much to my delight. (I'm an unashamed rocker at heart).

The highlight of the concert for me is also my favourite track off of the new album, the brilliant acoustic version of 'When Will My Heart Beat Again'. This one will stay with me for a while. Louise and her guitarist sit on one side of the stage. He just plays (brilliantly) and she just sings (beautifully). The album puts lavish production on this one, but it doesn't need it. At Portsmouth she sings it like these things are supposed to be sung. Every word is directed at the heart with nothing to distract our ears from the tear-jerking lyric and haunting melody.

The rest of the concert passes in a flash really. Thinking back on it later, I'll remember versions of 'New York Moon' (which left everyone smiling), 'Trust In You' (Another brilliant ballad) and a fantastically over-the-top 'Shut Up And Kiss Me' in which some lucky bastard is dragged on stage and made to sit in a chair whilst Lou goes through her dominatrix routine. (Taking a quick glance around the hall whilst this is going on, a large percentage of male mouths were found to be wide open. Yeah.. Mine too!)

Of course, 'Woman In Me' is there, as you can't really get away without singing the title track off your new album. But we have to wait until the encore for the one that most of us turned up to see done live...

First encore, after a good minute of stamping, shouting, and general lou-tish behaviour (The sort that's usually reserved for a Friday night after one or five too many), is 'Arms Around The World', done, as is now completely predictable, with professional brilliance. The single reproduced with every detail of its production interpreted into a perfect dance routine.

We have to wait a good two minutes for the second and, sadly final encore. We all know what it's going to be long before it starts, and the anticipation adds to the effect. 'Naked' starts as the concert did, with the cinema screen showing the start of the 'Naked' video. And then she's back center-stage doing the whole dance routine which must last about 5 minutes, but if you ask me is more like 30 seconds. And then she dances her way round the stage waving and smiling, (Yes.. I got another one. Sigh...), and then she's gone. And that's that! No goodbye, just exit stage left. This is my one major disappointment with the whole show. We don't get the chance to say thanks and she doesn't say goodbye. Someone must have told her to 'Leave 'em wanting more' (and boy, do we want more!) But it's a small matter. The overall quality of the event soon takes over again as we float our way out.

I came with low expecations of someone who, lets be fair, is really still only a new light on the scene, and was blown away by her personality, charm, and, being honest, raw talent! In future years, I will look back and say 'I was there!'- my ticket will adorn the bedroom wall for a while yet - and for all my ranting, if you weren't there, you just won't understand what all the fuss is about. But I will...

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Richard Dudley)

Bristol Concert

Well I went to the Louise concert in Bristol last night. I had second row tickets, and even though I've been to the Colston Hall several times before, I didn't realise just how close to the front my seats were! They were brilliantly positioned next to the aisle down the middle of the stage, so if I stood up I was essentially in the front row! :-) however, this closeness made me realise I should've brought something with me, like flowers or a small box of choclates...it really was that close!

Anyway first up were Cleopatra, who I thought were actually quite good. The lead singer, Cleo, seemed to have a pretty impressive voice, and I found myself tapping my foot and nodding my head to rhythm of their songs. I must've been the only one in my section doing that, 'cos Cleo winked at me a couple of times! :-) As for the Eternal influence, I'd say they're a little bit like the old-style Eternal, particularly in their dress sense! (Baggy jeans and stuff.)

After them came Ultra, a poppy-boy band in the mould of 'North and South' ('cos they play their own instruments), though not as good. Didn't leave a lasting impression on me.

Personally I think the security guards were far more laid back at this concert, 'cos at this point I decided to ask one of them if it was Okay to take some pictures (the ticket says you can't, but several people had already taken some). Fortunately he didn't have a problem with it. Bonus! :-)

Finally, after some interval music, it was time for Louise! There was a video screen showing clips from some of Lou's videos, and then the lights dimmed. Out of the speakers Louise was singing the intro to 'In Walked Love' with no accompanying music (very impressive it was too!), while everyone looked around doubt thinking "Where is Louise?". She finally appeared when the song reached the faster bit (when she first sings the words "In Walked Love"), much to the delight of the crowd!!

The songs were very well choreographed, and after every couple or so, we were treated to 30 seconds of clips on the video screen while Louise had a costume change. One slightly controversial point is that I think a few of the songs might have been mimed, though I really don't know for sure...however, for the most part it was definitely live!!

Okay, now onto what was the main part of the night for me...after 'Lets Go Round Again', Louise went off for a slight costume change and one of the male dancers came up to the front of the stage and started talking to the crowd. Things along the line of "If you wanna see more Louise, you gotta make some noise!" During this I was giving the guy a thumbs up, and he then unexpectedly beckoned me to go towards him. I did, and he said into his microphone:

Male Dancer: And what's your name?
Me: Amir!
Male Dancer: Well Amir, do you like Louise?
Me: Yeah!
Male Dancer: How do you fancy coming up on stage?
Me: Er, yeah, okay!!
Male Dancer: Do you promise to be good?
Me: (Laughing!)
Male Dancer: Well come on up then!

So I did!!!! I jumped up onto the stage and he told me to sit in a chair that was to the right. The background lights came back on and Louise was sitting on a couch at the back with the very attactive blonde female dancer! Louise was wearing clothes similar to the 'Lets Go Roung Again' video, and the dancer was dressed up as a nurse. The music started and Louise began singing 'Shut Up And Kiss Me', and all the while the two of them kept looking at each other and pointing at me!!! Then the dancer got up, threw off her white coat and sat on my lap!!!! Louise also got up and danced around me, putting her hands on my shoulders a few times!!!!!!

With a few seconds of the song to go, the dancer got up and took me by the hand to the site of the stage. From there a male dancer directed me back to the crowd and I got back im my seat. Everyone in the crowd kept looking at me, I was *so* embarrassed!!!

Thoughout the rest of the show, Louise kept looking at me and smiling!! I love that smile of hers!!!!! :-)

At the end of the show, people kept pointing at me and saying "Look, there's the one who went up on stage!!" I got out as fast as I could, but even outsite I kept on getting asked, "Are you the guy who went up on stage?" At first I gave an embarrassed yes, but later I realised it was more fun to mysteriously deny it! :-) With hindsight, I probably should've taken off the fluorescent-green tube I was wearing around my neck...I'm sure I was recognised so much because of that!

Finally, after an hour of waiting outsie the Colson Hall with other Louise fans, a security guard came out of the "Artists Entrance". In a gruff voice he told us to clear the area, and that Louise was very tired and wouldn't be doing any autographs. We did as we were told, and a few minutes later a car pulled out with Louise in the passenger seat. Louise waved at eveyone as we tried to take pictures and seconds later the car sped off into the night.

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Amir Hussan)

Southport Concert

Firstly Cleopatra were on and I thought they were very good, there were brilliant dancers and there songs were really good, but I couldn't believe how young they were. As I was in the fifth row I had a very good view, next on was Ultra, but I didn't really like them, they were more Rocky than Pop I thought!

Well we all know who came on next, Lou was brilliant, she performed all of the songs so well and the dancers and the band were great too!!

Personally I think 'The Best That You Bring' was sung best by Lou, but they were all fantastic. Next was the point Amir told us about happening to him, although unfortunately it wasn't me, but the block who got up on stage was really funny and kept rubbing his hands and waving to everyone as Lou came slowly towards him, then the dancer sat on his Knee, he put his arms around her and took hold of her and everyone including Lou thought it was hillarious. She also pulled a lad of no more than 6 years old out of the crowd to dance with her which everyone thought was really nice, but the little lad was a bit shy (bless him!).

The chant of "We want more" after Lou went off stage before returning with the Grand Finale of 'Naked' was excellent. It sent a tingle down my spine and I never wanted it to end. Finally I thought the free CD and Deodrant were an excellent momento to take home.

The whole night was absolutely brilliant, so good that the next day I managed to get one of two remaining tickes for the Manchester Concert!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Mark)

Glasgow Concert

I was at the Louise concert at Glasgow and it was fantastic. The only problem with the concert was the publicity of the Free CD. I only found out about it from a guy sitting next to me, who told me to go upstairs where they were giving away CD's. I think we should have been notified about the CD!!

Anyway, the concert was brilliant and I can't wait till the next time Louise is performing in Glasgow/Scotland!!!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From James Hanlon)

Manchester Concert

I recently went to see Louise in concert in Manchester and all I can say is that it was out of this world. The atmosphere was electric and Louise was as ever FANTASTIC!! I thought Louise was unbelieveable, she was a star!! I have heard rumours that she was miming but I think that this is a load of rubbish!! She had a great voice, she is a great singer and is definitely the most beautiful woman in the world. If she does another tour next year then I will be there!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Ben Hennessy)

Bradford Concert

What can I say that hasn't already been said? I had an absolutely amazing night and have concluded that Louise is a natural performer. I had a top-floor front row seat so I saw just about everything that there was to see....

Both of the support bands gave good performances lasting about half and hour, although in my opinion, Cleopatra were far better than Ultra, culminating in an excellent show by Louise!!

She also managed to entertain the audience admirably well whilst a "technical" problem with the band, three songs into the set, was sorted out! - All credit to her!!

The choreography was great, the set was great and the singing was - guess what - great!!! I thought that the video concept was a novel idea and worked really well!! The highlights for me were the opening and closing numbers. 'In Walked Love' was definitely my favourite song from the 'Naked' Album, and she performed it really well!! And the dance routine for 'Naked' as the encore was excellent!!

Overall - an outstanding night. - Well done Louise and roll on tour number two!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Andrew Baines)

There was only one question on my mind as I entered the hall - could she sing as good as she looks?

The crowd consisted of a cross section of the male and female population. Young and old had gathered to see the truth behind the lip gloss.

When the lights fired up she burst forward - a red leathered vixen. The songs bounced from ballad to dance.

There were so many good tunes, from the first album - 'Light Of My Life', 'One Kiss From Heaven', 'Naked', 'Undivided Love', then the new songs - 'Let's Go Round Again' (her take on the seventies classic) , 'Arms Around The World', 'All That Matters'.

Louise told us she'd never been to Bradford before but we loved her anyway.

For the song 'Naked' they picked a lucky guy out of the audience and sat him down ready to be seduced by Louise. But the boy didn't fancy her! They soon ejected him and got someone with real feelings! While she was dancing to this song male members of the audience proceeded to get naked too!

My favourite moment was Louise singing 'Light Of My Life' in a shimmering almost transparent long white silk dress. She was truly an angel.

I can understand the critics for saying she can't sing - true she is no Annie Lennox or Chrissie Hynde but I think she knows her limations and doesn't exceed them. I wasn't disappointed and I couldn't see anyone else who was. Great value for money.

(Report Written With Kind Regards From John Tyne)

Cambridge Concert

The evening was just fantastic, although I wasn't very impressed with Cleopatra, Ultra for a boy band were quite executable.

Louise was MAGNIFICENT! from her first song to the last. The atmosphere was brilliant from young kids to grown men and women, the crowd was cool.

Louise's songs were excellent and you could tell she was having a brilliant time just like the 2,000 fans she was performing to.

I was very lucky to see such a wonderful performance, and have been lucky enough to travel to see her at Wemberly a couple of days later and more recently (June 1998) to Southamptons' Power in the Park, where again she was "Simply the Best"!!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Gary Reed)

Bournemouth Concert

I arrived 2 hours before the concert to get settled and maybe catch a sight of the lady herself (no such luck though). I got various merchandice and collected my free deodrant and free cd.

When I booked I was supposed to be in the 6th row but when my friends and I were let in I found I was in the 2ND ROW!!! Now my heart was racing; not only would I be meeting a sex goddess but I would now be seeing her from closer range!

Cleopatra came on and the bass was amazing, it went straight through me. I thought they were good but when I saw the recorded video on "The Box" I thought it was even better.

I was dissapointed with Ultra, no-one could hear what they were singing and in the end people were chanting them to get off the stage! It was the inter-session and I went into the lobby to get a drink and found Cleopatra signing autographs. I got one and they all called me and my mates cute!!

Then Louise started with her opening number "In Walked Love". (Thanks to my friends on the Louise mailing list, I bet one of my friends a tenner that Louises first song would be that and she would be wearing red!! I won.) She started off doing a solo but then the band came in and it was truely spectacular. There was a stand which Louise used and that was about 3 foot in front of me. Everyone on my side in the first couple of rows got a treat as Louise's trousers creeped down revealing the top of her underwear. (VERY NICE!!!)

After Louise had performed half of her songs she told us all to stand up, which of course we did, well we ain't gonna argue with her! Since then she started waving at me. Mind you I was the only one screaming at the top of my voice "Louise I Love you", much to the disapproval of the security guard.

After the concert me and one of my mates sneaked round the side to the stage exit, and who should be there...not Louise but Harry Redknapp father of Jamie. I shook his hand and asked him how he like and he said it was great. I did actually meet Louise. I joined in with the V.I.P. tour and nearly got in but failed, when they opened the door I caught a climpse of Louise and she waved to me again.

It was at least an hour after the concert now but my friends and I were still outside the room where she was but we eventually got chucked out because we tried to bribe the security guards.

I was shelled shocked for weeks after but i can definately say THIS WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Neil Preece)

Wembley Concert

I went to the Wembley Concert and it was really good. The free promo CD was cool and they didn't run out of any merchandice. The bad points were that the rest of the crowd were rubbish, even when she asked everyone to stand up only half (if that!) did. Also I thought that the little gaps in-between the songs were a bit naf!!

Both of the support acts were rubbish, they got the biggest cheers when they went off. But all in all it was a great night!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From James Price)

Brighton Concert

The Brighton Centre Concert was, in fact by my surprise, quite packed!! This was quite amazing as when I phoned the Box Office two weeks ago, there were still loads of spare tickets!!

Anyway the performance of Clep. was great and Ultra was okay but nothing special!! But Louise - well what can you say, words can't express it!!

It was a true experience and I felt that it was, if not 90%, 100% live!! The only problem about this concert, I found, was that the crowds were subtly quiet!! It was only when Lou asked everyone to stand up that got things moving a bit:-)

I was told also by Amir that the person taken on stage was the same one as for Wembley. Anyway they did take two other younger teenager children on-stage as well, but I don't think they knew the signal to get off stage:-)

One poor downfall about the concert was the fact that the tour promo stock was very minimal and the programmes must have gone within 5-10 minutes!

Anyway I embarrasingly carried a bouquet of a dozen red roses across Brighton and the busy shopping area three times. Still at least I am almost definite sure that Louise *did* receive them in the end!!

In summary a sensational night and a sensational concert - I hope that there is more of it too come in the future!!

(Report Written By Myself, Aaron Brigatti)

The Brighton Concert can be described as this:

1. Cleopatra was okay - the next Eternal?
2. Ultra were utter rubbish - miming has never been so bad!!
3. Louise was fantastic, singing, dancing and costumes.
4. The crowd (us) were pretty poor, but we got going in the end.
5. The lighting was stunning.
6. Louise was 100% live.
7. I had amazing seats, level with stage and very very centre, next to the soung and music mix.
8. I could have listed the songs but I didn't have a pen or paper.
9. The stalls that were selling Louise merchandise was not very good.
10. I had an excellent time!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Rob)

Wolverhampton Concert

There was not that many people there at the concert as it was only a small venue. Most of the seats were taken but there was a few empty. I expected it to be full as I had been told that it had sold out!

First of all there was Cleopatra, who were very good despite their age. Then came Ultra, so I decided to go and buy some merchandise at that time, as I can not stand boy bands like that!!

Then came Louise, who as usual was very good and the dancing was excellent! She did about ten songs but I can't remember what they were as I was to busy watching Louise, as we were standing on the side balcony just to the right of the stage, which was very close!

The bloke who went up on stage for 'Shut Up And Kiss Me' was a bit of a prat, he would not sit down and kept on getting up and dancing!

She finished the concert with 'Naked', as always making us wait for 4-5 minutes!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Chris Buffery)

The Civic Hall was completely packed, there was not a spare seat in the place. The crowd was pretty quiet at the beginning, but they livened up about half way through the concert and were all standing but the end.

I though that Cleopatra were good, especiallyas considering the oldest was only 16! It might have been just me, but I thought that all their songs sounded much the same.

Ultra were, well, to put it nicely, no good at all! The guy miming the guitar needs to learn to play it before he mimes it!!

As always, Louise was brilliant. Her dance routines were spectacular, she didn't make a single mistake all the way through the concert, and the atmosphere was great!

The bloke that she brought on stage was a bit of an idiot! Can't blame hime though, he was probably overwhelmed by being in the presence of Louise!! They also brought two children up on stade and they seemed to enjoy it to! When they went down, someone at the front shook her hand and about a dozen people got out of their seats and tried to do the same thing, without success.

I was standing on the balcony where I got quite a good view of the stage. I also got a free CD which I thought was quite good.

The merchandise counter had enough stuff for everyone who wanted it which was good. I didn't buy anything though.

There was a moment just before her finale ('Naked'), in which some idiots thought that the concert had ended and had started to leave the hall!!

(Report Written With Kind Regards From Henry Gunde)

If You Have a Review of one of the Concert Venues Which I Do Not Have, Feel Free To E-mail me it and It will be Shown Exclusively on This Website!!

Credit Will, of Course, Be Given To You!!

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