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Official Newsletters

Official Newsletters Section

This page contains information about the
Fan-Club Newsletter.

How To Join
Issue 1
Issue 2
Issue 3
Issue 4


There is a fan club mailing list whereby periodic official newsletters are sent to subscribers. Unfortunately it is not classified as a full "fan-club" type mailing, but it does provide the latest news of the artist plus any information about forthcoming releases or official competitions run by the record company (EMI) or management company (First Avenue).

I have also been told that any letters or mailings sent to the "fan-club" newsletter address does get redirected to the management company who will read and if necessary respond to them, but this does take time and is not the best way to communicate with either the artist, record company or management company.

For those of you who are unable to receive the mailing, I have compiled this information page which will contain the pictures and letter from the mailings.

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How To Join

If you wish to join the fan club newsletter mailing list and if you live in the UK, simply write down the following details:

  • Full Name
  • Full Postal Address (including Postal Code)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • E-mail Address (if you have one)
on a postcard or stuck down envelope to:

Louise Newsletter
PO Box 460
High Wycombe
HP12 4BR

(Please remember that this mailing list is only open to UK residents only!!)

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Issue 1

Hi, How ya doin'?

(Newsletter Issue 1 Image) Bet you think that I've spent the last 6 months in the sunshine enjoying myself, getting up to no good, don't you ? Well, actually nothing could be further from the truth (well, tell a lie, I've actually been away once! More about that later!). I've actually been really really BUSY!

And I thought I would let you be the first to share my thoughts on what's been going on, so welcome to the first edition of my newsletter! Packed full of new, exclusive pictures and
loads of interesting news, I hope you enjoy reading it (it took me ages to write!).

As you know I've had a whirlwind couple of years. Since leaving Eternal it's been non-stop hard work, but I've really enjoyed myself. The highlights for me have to be the release of my first solo single, Light of My Life, my first top ten hit - can you believe that was nearly two years ago now! - and then my first solo album release last summer.

Thanks to you, Naked has now sold over 400,000 copies in the UK! And thanks to you I got nominated for a Brit this year. Come to think of it I've got loads to thank you for, so THANKS!

Anyway, you know a lot about what I've done in the past, so this newsletter will tell you a little bit about what I've been doing whilst I've been away and what I'm going to be doing in the future!

My New Album

Guess What! I've just finished recording my new album! We've spent over a year working on it - we started as we released Naked last year (work never stops!). And I'll let you into a little secret - it's gonna be brilliant! We are going to release it in October, with a single in September.

To be honest, after a little rest after Christmas I was straight back in the studio, working with all my old mates again. I've been working with lots of different people, including Simon Climie, and Jonny Douglas, who is George Michael's producer.

I've also been doing a lot of writing, and I'm really pleased that some of my songs will be on the album! It's got a mixture of all sorts of songs on there, so I'm sure you're gonna love it!

Anyway, as you can see from the pictures, it was great fun in the studio. it was mainly recorded in London, and has been mixed in the UK and America. We've spent a lot of time on it to get it just right.

And I can let you into a little secret. My new single is called Arms Around The World, and it's one of my favourite songs from my new album.

My First Ever Solo Tour

Wow, I'm really really looking forward to my first ever UK tour! As some of you might know, we announced the tour dates back in April, and since then they've been selling like hot cakes! Make sure you don't miss out!

I'm on tour throughout the whole of November. I'm already spending more and more time in the gym trying to get fit, ready for the shows! By December I'll be able to run faster than Jamie! And guess what, I'm rehearsing for 2 whole weeks beforehand at a secret location, in October! So for me, it's more like a two month tour!

As you may already know, we are looking for dancers to join me on stage during the tour. We are holding auditions in Glasgow,
(Newsletter Issue 1 Image)
Manchester and London on August 28th and 29th. To qualify, you must be over 16, check your local press nearer the time to find out the secret locations and, see you there! Good luck.
We are making a really big show for you, it's going to be very special for me, it would be great to see you there.

Take care and I'll see you all soon.



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Issue 2

Hiya Guys!

(Newsletter Issue 2 Image) Well, its been a hectic couple of months since I last sat down to write you my news. My life's been a non-stop whirl of photoshoots, TV performances and interviews and I've got so much to tell you!

Busy as I've been, it hasn't all seemed like work. Last month, I got the chance to fly out to Marrakech in Morocco to do a photoshoot for FHM magazine. The weather was beautiful - scorching hot sunshine. Unfortunately, I didn't really get much time for sunbathing.

Another highlight was performing on the National lottery - it was a dead exciting show to be on and no, I didn't win anything that night! Never mind, I've been on a bit of a shopping spree anyway to find some glam outfits for all my TV appearances - that was great fun!

Arms Around The World

Hopefully you'll have heard my new single by now. It's called 'Arms Around The World' and it's in the shops now. For the B-sides, I've recorded some exclusive songs that won't be on my new album and some friends of mine have done some top dance remixes. Fingers crossed - and with your help - it should be a huge hit!

Next up will be my brand new album, 'Woman In Me' which is released on the 6th October, 1997. I chose the title 'cos I think I've grown up a bit since I made 'Naked' - I've even helped write some of the songs!

From the stack I recorded, I've picked my 16 favourites and there's a little bit of everything on there. Plenty of pop, smoochy ballads, some funky grooves - I've even done a calypso tune! To Top it all off, I've recorded a version of a real old disco favourite of mine, 'Lets Go Round Again' (ask your mum!) - it may even be my next single.

Tour Update...

I'm starting to get really excited about my first ever solo
tour! It starts in Sheffield on 20th November and I'm told all the tickets are selling out fast. In fact, we've added another couple of dates so more of you will get the chance to come along and join the fun! Have a look at the back page for details.

It's going to be a fantastic show - especially now I've found some fabulouse new backing dancers!! As I mentioned in my last note to you, we held auditions at the end of August in Glasgow, Manchester and London.

Well, I was just amazed - over 2000 of you turned up and you were all brilliant. A big THANKS to everyone who popped down. It was a shame we only got to choose 4, I wish I could have hired you all!!! Even if you were unlucky in the auditions, I hope to see you
(Newsletter Issue 2 Image)
getting on down at one of the concerts. Speaking of which, I'd better get back to rehersals - you wouldn't believe how much preparations there is to do!

Take care and see you soon,

All my love,


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Issue 3

Hi, How's It Going!

(Newsletter Issue 3 Image) I've been taking a look at my schedule up to the end of the year and reakused that, what with the promotion for my new single and my tour, this will be about the last chance I get to sit down and write you an update on all my news! So, here goes,

First of all, I'd like to say how surprised I was to see all the cards, letters and pressies you sent for my birthday. They were all absolutely wonderful and I'd like to say a great big thank you to everyone. I love ya all!

I hardly need to tell you what I've been up to recently - every newspaper and magazine I open up seems to be running a Louise story at the moment! Really weird - but I guess its a bit flattering! I only hope you're not all bored of seeing me yet!

Lets Go Round Again

Remember in the least newsletter I was dropping big hints about my next single? Well, its the second track to be taken from my album and will be in the shops from 17th November. In case you don't already know, it's my cover version of the old disco classic Lets Go Round Again, which was originally a hit for the Average White Band back in 1980 (I was 5 at the time!). It's one of my favourite songs that I can remember singing and dancing to when I was a kid, so as you can imagine, I had a great time recording it!

For those of you like me who LOVE dancing, I've had some fantastic remixes of the single done by some real clubland stars...you'll find the ace 187 Lockdown, Rated PG, Colour Systems Inc. and Paul Gotel mixes on CD2 (apparently, my record company tell me that it's gone to #1 in all the club charts!). But the best part is CD1, which not only features two brand new tracks (Just When I Thought and How You Make Me Feel) but has an exclusive 1998 Louise calendar and an extra-sepecial Christmas postcard from me inside. Brilliant eh?

And just WAIT until you see the video! I think it's probably the best one I've ever made!

New Album Goes Gold...

I was absolutely thrilled to see my new album, Woman In Me, storm into the charts at no. 5!! A great big THANK YOU to all those of you who rushed out to buy it - in fact, you've now brought so many copies that it's gone gold and I've got another one of those lovely framed gold discs to add to my collection!

And now you've all had a chance to listen to it, what do ya think? Maybe you'd like to write and tell me what your facourite tracks are.

Book Launch

On the 16th October, I launched my first ever book with a great big bash at the Virgin Megastore on Oxford Sreet in London. it was incredibly busy and great to see those of you who managed to come down. The book, called 'Louise: My Story' is packed with exclusive pictures and interviews with my parents, family and friends. most importantly, it's my chance to tell you all about my life - growing up, starting my singing career, leaving Eternal to go solo and all the amazing stuff that's happened since then. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Woman In Me - The Video

My first ever full length video is in the shops on 1st December, so soon you'll all be able to see what it's like to be a Pop Star! It features the full length versions of the videos for all my singles so far, plus behind-the-scenes footage of the dance auditions for my tour, photoshoots and the making of the stunning space-age video for 'Arms Around the World'. To make it that little bit more special, I recorded an exclusive interview just for you!

Tour Update...

The countdown to the opening of my first ever solo your has started - only a week or so away by the time you receive this! We've all been rehearsing like
crazy to make sure it's just perfect. The most exciting part has been the chance to work with Jamie King again - he did the choreography on the Naked video and has also worked with Madonna and Michael Jackson!! Some of the dance routines we've put together will simply take your breath away!

So, look out Sheffield 'cos I'm coming to town on Thursday 20th November! After that, I've got another 20 dates in cities all across the UK going right through to Wolverhampton one
(Newsletter Issue 3 Image)
week before Christmas.

If you're coming along to one of the shows, I'll see you there!

Take care and see you soon,

All my love,


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Issue 4

Hey - Long Time No Speak!

How are you? I've grabbed a quick break between interviews to sit down and write you my news cos there's plenty going on. Why don't grab yourself a cuppa and come and join me...

A Very Busy Girl

(Newsletter Issue 4 Image) So I guess you wanna know what I've been up to lately...well, it may have seemed quiet to you, but I can promise you I haven't stood still since the Christmas break! After the last date on my tour at Wolverhampton Civic Hall on 18th December, I was absolutely exhausted so it was great to get a couple of weeks off to relax, enjoy myself and spend some time with my family and friends over Christmas. While we're on the subject of my tour, can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who came along
to one of the shows. I really hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

Then it was straight back to work! My feet have barely touched the ground this year as I've been whisked around Europe doing loads of interviews and promotion for the Woman In Me album. I've been to France, Holland, Italy, Belgium and Spain, with visits to Sweden and Germany to come. I've had a fantastic time and seen some amazing and beautiful places, but it's still SO nice to come back to the UK and sleep in my own bed!

All That Matters

Well, as you probably know by now, my new single will be All That Matters and its released on March 23rd on two CDs and a cassette. Its a slightly different version to the one on my album, Woman In Me - we've played around with the sound to make it sound even better on the radio. I challenge you NOT to sing along! Once again, I've had some clever DJ-types such as DJ Tonka, Cas Roc, Hex Hector, The Almighty and Hyper Go Go doing the remixes and guess what? I've had ANOTHER club chart #1 record!!!

The pick of these remixes can be found on CD2 of the singls and for the first time ever (for me anyway!), I'll be releasing a 12" single, out on March 30th, for all of you budding DJ's out there. For CD1, we've put together a fabby collectors package with 3 free postcards and version of When Will My Heart Beat Again and Woman In Me which I recorded live in session for the Mark Goodier show on Radio 1. To add that little extra something, I've also recorded a special message which you can put onto your answerphone so it seems like I've been round for a visit - just in time for Aptil Fool's day, eh? maybe you can write and let me know if you managed to catch any of your friends out!!

Video Shoot

All the pictures on the sleeves were taken on the set of the video shoot for All That Matters. I hope you like the video - its all been shot in black & white and has a cool circus vibe. Some of the costumes and props were fantastic - if you haven't seen it, check out MTV or the ITV Chart Show. Can I let you into a little secret? Although it looks like it was filmed outdoors in the desert, we made the whole thing in a studio in London. Amazing what you can do with cameras, isn't it!

Louise Online!

Guess who's about to go "online"? Probably the most exciting thing going on at the moment is the creation of the offical Louise website -
http://louise.uk.com. Even as I write, there are people beavering away on their computers putting together what I think will be more of the brightest, most exciting sites on the Internet.

There'll be full discography, complete with music and video clips; a diary, so you'll know what I'm up to; biography; a special Louise screensaver; regular updates of my news and of course tons and tons of exclusive pictures.

I've had a sneak preview and it's already looking pretty groovy. I only hope it'll be ready in time for its launch on Radio 1 on the day of the release of All That Matters! Make sure you're listening in 'cos there's gonna be a
(Newsletter Issue 4 Image)
fantastic competition to kick it all off. We're giving away a wonderful prize...but that's staying secret for now!

Take care and visit me at my website soon!

All my love,


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