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BBC Whatever You Want

(Filmed on 5th March 1998 and Broadcast on
UK National TV on 28th March 1998)

My Amazing UK TV Experience In Meeting Louise!!

1. Louise Calling Me Down From the Audience

2. Gaby Talking to Me About Louise

3. Louise Kissing Me

(Kind Regards to Sam Rowlands For Providing the
QuickTime Movie For This Website!)

You Require QuickTime To View These Movie Scenes. If you require a copy, please download it from the Apple - QuickTime Website!!)
(Apple QuickTime)

My Shock Encounter in Meeting Louise on TV and Kissing Her!

Whatever You Want - Louise and Gaby Roslin I have had a interesting experience in meeting Ms Louise Nurding in person. The incident that unfolded was a complete set-up with one of my friends who was involved in a difficult plot with the help of a researcher from Hat Trick Productions Ltd.

Ian M. Fleetwood received a message from the researcher to find out whether he knew any Louise fans who might be willing to go onto a Television show. In doing so he contacted me saying that he might get me involved in the plot. However this was a mistake on his part as he was then told to by-pass me onto another plot - that is the message he received was a complete hoax. I believed him on this occasion but when I personally received a phone call from the researcher I knew that something was not right.

The researcher wanted to know some information about me and my "obsession/likeness" to Louise - in order to get this in more detail a meeting was set up at Brighton Station, from this a detailed account was taken and I was told the story of what was meant to be unfolded for the TV program. I was told that Ian was thinking of setting me up but the researcher had decided that with my help we would Whatever You Want - Louise
be able to set Ian up for the show. The next day I received a email from the researcher saying that they were moving into phase 2 of the project and would like me and Ian to come to the studies at Upper Ground, London, on Thursday, 5th March 1998.

Still thinking that I was setting Ian up I went to London Bridge station at around 5.30pm in the afternoon, a chauffeur (driver) picked me up and drove to the studies, Ian met me at the main reception desk and we discussed things in general. At around 7pm we were ushered to the studio and told where to sit. The program started to be recorded and me and Ian went into the flow of things. During the first copy of cuts things were progressing well and I still thought that Ian would be caught out on the program. I soon began to release that the time was arriving for the big moment as the cameras turned to face our location, when the Limo rolled onto the studio floor, we started to get a little tense as the situation unfolded.

Whatever You Want - Me being Chosen Out Of The Audience Louise was then asked to call out the three guests as pre-written on the card, shockingly my name was first (and she totally mispronounced both of my names!). The two other guests asked up were Aiden Orange (I think he said that he was related somehow to Jason Orange - ex-Take That member) and Ian Mann. After some background info about us, a series of questions were then posed
to me and the other two people by Gaby Roslin regarding Louise.

Every question that we got right we had to choose a key out of the hat to see if it opened up the Limo, I unfortunately got the first one question wrong - something about Lou's first ever single that she
Whatever You Want - Me Choosing One of the Wrong Limo keys
brought. When it came to be my question again I answered correctly. I picked out a key - unfortunately picking one of the red-herrings :-(

Anyway the next question was posed to the person next to me (Aiden Orange), who got it right and chose the right key. He was then invited into the Limo where he got a cuddle and a kiss from Lou - she presented him the prize of a copy of the "Platium" Signed CD of the Woman In Me album and other things as well.

Whatever You Want - Louise Kiss 1!
The Limo then reversed out and the we were directed back into the audience.
Louise then came over to say hi and kissed both of us (the two losers!) twice and hugged us;-)

Whatever You Want - Louise Kiss 2!

The program finally finished at around 11.40pm, me and Ian went up to the 18th Floor to get a complimentary drink and we then said our farewells and a driver drove me back to London Victoria for the last train down to Brighton station. In summary a very interesting and quite entertaining day:-)

(Special Thanks to Ian M. Fleetwood In Setting Me Up For the Show and the BBC for Providing The Screen Shots For This Website)

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