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The Past, Present and Future Dates
on Louise's Solo Career Calendar!!

June 1995
Friday 23rd
  • Louise's Last Day With Eternal.
September 1995
Monday 25th
March 1996
Monday 4th
May 1996
Monday 27th
June 1996
Monday 24th
  • Naked (The Album) Released.
August 1996
Monday 19th
November 1996
Monday 19th
June 1997
Sunday 22nd
September 1997
Monday 22nd
October 1997
Monday 6th
November 1997
Monday 17th
Thursday 20th
  • Louise's First Solo Soft & Gentle "No Sweat" Tour Starts.
December 1997
Monday 1st
Thursday 18th
  • Louise's First Solo Soft & Gentle "No Sweat" Tour Finishes.
March 1998
  • "Louise" The Second Book Released
    (ISBN 0-7119-6805-5).
Monday 23rd
Saturday 28th
April 1998
Friday 17th
  • BBC2 - Electric Circus
    (Presenting Program!).
Saturday 18th
  • BBC1 - Electric Circus
    (Presenting Program!)
    (Within Live & Kicking - Repeat!).
June 1998
Monday 29th
July 1998
Sunday 5th
Sunday 19th
August 1998
Tuesday 18th
  • Attending the 'Radio 1 Road Show'
    Concert at Weymouth.
October 1998
April 1999
Tuesday 6th
  • Louise passed her UK driving exam/test.
May 2000
Friday 26th
  • Louise appearance on the Jerry Springer show (UK), the "talk" version and NOT the explicit daytime version!

  • Louise's new single, 2 Faced, has been listed (from today) on 'The Box', a Digital TV music channel!
Friday 2nd
  • Louise co-hosts (with Kelly Brook) the Select MTV on MTV UK.
Sunday 28th
  • Louise featued on Planet Pop (on UK Channel 4)
    (Repeated on Tuesday 20th May 2000).
Tuesday 30th
  • Louise featured on the Bigger Breakfast (on UK Channel 4).
June 2000
Thursday 1st
  • Appearance as a guest on the Big Breakfast (UK Channel 4).
Sunday 4th
  • Appearance as a guest on the Radio 1 - Jamie Theakston Show.
Sunday 11th
  • Performance in the Southampton 'Power In The Park'.
Sunday 25th
  • Performance at Party In The Park, Preston Park, Brighton.
July 2000
Saturday 1st
  • Performance at G.A.Y. at London Astoria.
Monday 3rd
  • Interview and performance on ITV's 'This Morning'.
Wednesday 5th
  • Performance on ITV's GMTV 'Get-up and Give'.
Saturday 8th
  • Performance on ITV's 'CD:UK'.

  • Interview and guest on BBC1's 'FBi'.
Friday 14th
  • Performance on BBC1's 'Jim Davidson's Presents...' Show.
Saturday 15th
  • Interview and performance on BBC1's 'FBi'.
Sunday 16th
  • Performance at Channel 4's 'T4'.

  • Appearance on Channel 5's 'Exclusive' show.

  • Aire FM Party In The Park appearance.
Monday 17th
Saturday 20th
  • Performance on Channel 5's 'Pepsi Chart' Show.
Friday 21st
  • Promotion on BBC1's 'Top Of The Pops' Show.
Saturday 22nd
  • Performance on ITV's CD:UK Show.
Wednesday 26th
  • Performance on BBC1's 'National Lottery' Show.
Friday 28th
  • Performance on BBC1's 'Top Of The Pops' Show.
Monday 31st
August 2000
Tuesday 1st
  • HMV Signing Session.
Saturday 10th
  • GWR Bristol Balloon Festival.
Monday 28th
  • Radio City's Party At The Pier, Liverpool.
October 2000
Monday 30th
(Keep Coming Back For the Latest Appearances!!!)

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