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Source:  B Magazine
Date:  November 1998
Heading:  Secrets of a Scouse Housewife...


"She's stripped off for men's magazines, been voted the sexiest woman in the world and recently got married to footie hero Jamie Redknapp. But is there more to Louise than a pretty singer with a good-looking husband?"

Louise is having a rant. The former Ms Nurding is even raising her voice. A bit. "I don't know why people have to be so nasty," she hisses through perfect teeth. Louise doesn't often get angry. In fact until B met her today, we didn't think the word existed in her vocabulary. You see, Louise is a nice girl.

Louise's quiet south London accent is getting louder and any minute now shes going to thump the bar with aggression. We're just glad B isn't the source of her venom. (Turns out its a magazine that printed 10 reasons why they hated her). "I mean, I can take it when they criticise my music, but how can anyone be nasty about me when they haven't even met me..."

A few minutes later, Louise as we know her is back, smiling, apologising for the delay and pretending to remember me from the last shoot we did together. "How are you?" she beams. "I like your new hair cut..." The nice girls back, but doesn't all this 'niceness' make her a bit boring?

"I suppose I am a bit," laughs the 23-year-old Lewisham lass. We are in the trendy Beach Blanket Babylon in London's even trendier Westbourne Grove. Louise is all honey-skin and perfect make-up. There isn't a strand of her strawberry-blonde hair out of place and her clothes, a salmon-pink vest top and denim skirt if your interested, look immaculate. I feel like her much bigger (Louise is 5ft 5" in her platforms), more frumpy sister.

"I'm just what I am," she continues, "A nice girl. I'm not one of those people who feels the need to swear an slag people off for credibility. But my halo isn't always shining," she insists, clearly warming to her subject. "I like clubbing and drinking. I mean, I might be an old married woman, but I still like to have a drink! You should have seen me on my hen night..."

Ah! We wondered how soon we could talk about the wedding. Posh Spice and David Beckham aren't the only football-pop star combo around. Louise and Liverpool mid-fielder Jamie Redknapp have been an item for a while. And whilst Posh has reportedly put off her wedding until after her baby's born (Gucci don't make maternity dresses, do they?), Louise and Jamie slipped off to Bermuda in June and quietly tied the knot aboard a flower-decked yacht.

Three months later, Louise is still wearing the sickeningly-happy and 'in lurve' newlywed look. She plays with her engagement ring, a cute platinum and white diamond band, and grins widely as she recalls her wedding day.

Louise reckons it was love at first sight - only she didn't realise it. Instead, she and Jamie became friends and dated other people (Louise was linked to Dan Bowyer of Worlds Apart and Jamie to Ryan Giggs' ex, Davinia Murphy).

"I guess it was always there," she grins, "only neither of us really thought about it. We were friends for about three years before it turned into something more." What's more then? "Well, you know..." she says coyly. "Actually getting engaged and married happened quickly."

Time to settle down to a girly chat then. Wines are ordered. Over to you Mrs Redknapp...

On The Wedding:

So how's married life then?
It's lovely because the music business is so insecure, You worry if you take a break whether people will still remember you and stuff, so its nice to have something stable in your life. You wake up in the morning and know that theres someone who loves you, no matter what.

Why did you decide to tie the knot this summer? Weren't you planning to do it sometime next year?
We got engaged last summer and it was just a question of finding time to do it, but we were on holiday in the Bermuda and it was so beautiful. We has some friends with us and one night they said, "look at that boat. You could get married on that," A couple of days later, Jamie just said, "Do you want to do it then?" I didn't need to think. I said yes straight away.

So was it a bit of a surprise?
Well, we had talked about doing it this year because Jamie wasn't in the World Cup squad. This was a good year to do it because of that, but I didn't expect to get married while we were on holiday. After Jamie asked me to marry him we only had five days to get the wedding organised. We just rang our parents, grandparents, brothers and stuff, and said, "What are you doing on Saturday this week? Can you come over to Bermuda because we're going to get married?"

So how did you get your dress?
I'd already looked at a couple of dresses. I knew I didn't want this big, traditional thing and i'd seen this dress in Dolce & Gabbana that I liked, So I rang my mum and got her and a stylist I know to go and get it.

Did you manage to keep it low key?
There was a boat that followed us with five or six photographers aboard, but they pretty much stayed out of our way. I'm glad that they did because it was a day between me and Jamie, not a day to get publicity.

What was your first dance to?
I think it was a Luther Vandross song, 'A House Is Not A Home' We had a reggae band doing it so I couldn't really make it out, but it was definitely a Luther one.

So were you scared at tieing the knot at 23. Isn't it a bit young?
It is a big step to take. You always apprehensive and thinking, 'Am I doing the right thing?' But you've got to go for things. You can't just sit there and think, 'I'm to young.' For me, it was the right time.

Do you think you'll follow in the footsteps of Posh, Scary and All Saints' Melanie Blatt and have a baby?
Not at the moment, I want a family one day, but I want to do it when its right for me. But I think it's brilliant the way Melanie gets up on stage and does her stuff - it shows you don't have to sit at home and do nothing when your pregnant.

On Jamie:

What do you love about Jamie? He looks quite sweet...
No, he's not actually. [laughs] He's very humble and I like that because I couldn't be with anyone who was above their station. He's very down to earth and he's go a great sense of humour. We have a good giggle together. Actually, he's got quite a lot going for him.

When you go out with someone after being just friends, is it a bit embarrassing at first?
Well, yeah in the beginning it is because you're not sure how to take each other, but we never really sat down and said, "let's go out together." It just happened. It had got to the stage where we had got so close that we had to take it further or stop being friends. We couldn't be that close and stay friends.

So has Jamie got any annoying habits?
Loads, but you haven't got time for me to tell you about them all! He's very untidy. Very. We have cream sofas in our flat and he always leaves his papers lying around so they get covered in dirty black smudges. But I don't nag him. I just talk very loudly. [giggles] Actually, he's as good as gold. He's a good cook as well, but he'd kill me for telling you that!

Are you a football fan?
No. I'm no a lover of it, but it's always on in our flat - every game going> I just go into the bed room and watch something else.

Has marriage changed anything?
No, not at all. We're both quite independent and sometimes we don't see each other for a few days, so we look forward to getting back together, That keeps the fire alight.

If someone said you had to go to America for a couple of months to further your singing career, would you go and leave Jamie behind?
Much as I love him, I have to do my own thing as well. He respects that, though. I wouldn't say, "I can't live without you so I can't go," but I would miss him. But you can't stop going after your dreams because your married.

On Stripping Off, Getting Drunk and Keeping House:

What does Jamie think when you pose for sexy pictures in men's magazines?
People always go on about my sexy shoots, but I've only ever done four. What about the thousands of other pictures I've had taken? Jamie's cool - he's seen me in my trackies at home and knows that I'm not that person in the pictures. He doesn't say a lot about them to be hones. He just says, "Don't do anything you don't want to do." But I don't regret doing FHM and GQ as both shoots gave my career a bit of a push. Anyway, I don't look like that normally - those pictures are pulled around and painted and squashed in.

When were you last drunk?
Probably on my hen night in Bermuda. I was drinking Vodka and I can't remember much. It was just that felling of having to lie down and put your face on something cold because you feel so bad. Jamie had gone out on his stag night the same evening and saw me sitting drunk on my friend's veranda. He had to take me home.

Surely Louise doesn't drink?
Not as much as I used to, but now and then. I still like a drink. Actually, I was a bit tipsy on stage once. It was at Wembley Arena last November and I was so nervous I wanted to cancel. I like a glass of wine before I go on stage, but this time I was knocking them back. When I got on stage I was swaying, the backdrop was moving and the dancers asked me if I was alright. I had to slow down for about three songs.

And whats life like living in Liverpool?
I love it up there. The liverpudlians are so funny. It's strange because when I'm up there, I'm just this normal person like every other woman in those flats, doing the breakfast and rushing around. Then I get on the train to come to London and there's a big posh car to pick me up and people taking pictures. You think, "A few hours ago I was picking up jam off the carpet and getting Jamie's orange juice," It's such a contrast.

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