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Source:  Channel 4 - The Big Breakfast
Date:  23rd March 1998
Heading:  Louise-y Does It!
Interviewer:  Denise Van Outen


Interview Dialogue:

[Clips of the "All That Matters" Video]

Denise: So it's the first single (referring to "All That Matters") that you've released since last November, so what have you being doing since?
Louise: Well, I went on Tour during November and December around England, and I've been doing Europe really!

Denise: She's been "doing Europe"...ohhh!!
Louise: It takes up a lot of time!

Denise: Yeah it does take a lot of time, I know!!

Denise: Was it a huge success, I know that you've auditioned all the dancers which was very fair of you - giving people the opportuniy to...
Louise: Yeah, it was good fun, I had some good, brilliant dancers. Also it created a bit of an atmosphere because everyone really wanted to do it!!

Denise: Have you stayed in touch with them? Have they become friends?
Yeah I have, I'll be seeing them later, we're going to Paris in a little while!!

Denise: [Sarcastically] Oh lá lá...oh Paris!

Denise: How did it feel doing it on your own?
Louise: It was good, obviously nerver-raking without the girls and that, but it was really good. I like the freedom of doing what you want!

Denise: And how did the fans react? Were they quite welcome to you?
Louise: Yeah, yeah, they were all brilliant. Everywhere they were supportive, so cheers!!

Denise: So where are the best fans then>
Louise: Oh god, everywhere, but in Scotland they were the noiseiest, they wer mad up there. Its like on the stage, jumping up everywhere, dancing, they know how to have a party. But everywhere was really good!!

Denise: Now we know that you are a bit of a jet-setter, is it right that you're learning to fly yourself?
Louise: Yeah I am.

Denise: Louise!!!!! And you can't even drive yet!!

Louise: I just wanted to have a go at the flying thing.

Denise: How's it going?
Louise: It's okay, I've only had the one lesson!

Denise: Ah, right!

Denise: So what did you have to do in this lesson?
Louise: I went up, I actually steered, you know, I actually "Man-handled" the plane.

Denise: I bet you did!!

Louise: But no it is hard. It might be something that takes me 10 years to do, but if in 10 years time I can get my pilot's license...

Denise: If it's anything like the driving, it'll be 20 luv!!

Denise: Because you've been learning to drive for ages, haven't you?
Louise: Yeah I know, I have.

Denise: because we know each other from way back.

So lets get back to the serious stuff, I know you like shopping, don't you? A bit of a shop-o-holic. Always got a new frock on...I like your shoes by the way!
Louise: Thank you, I like yours too!

Denise: Thank you!

Denise: So if there was anywhere where you can go shopping in the world, where's the best palce to shop?
Louise: London. It is London. I've shopped in many places, but London is the place.

Denise: American't haven't quite got it have they?
Louise: They haven't, it's a bit Oh lá lá, yeah!

Denise: What about Italy? Because I haven't quite ventured over to Italy yet.
Louise: Yah it's okay, but it is kinda more conservative, they've got all the names, but they've smartened up a little bit. They don't funk it up like what we do, sort of thing!

Denise: So let's talk about your love life. We know you are engaged to Jamie Redknapp, so how are your wedding plans coming on!?
Louise: [Laughter] Oh god. [Pausing] We're both so busy right now but, you know, we just have to wait and see!

Denise: So have you got his ring on, go on lets have a look.
Louise: Oh no, I don't...

[Close up of Her Hand]

Denise: So when do you plan to get married? When do you think the big day will be?
Louise: I don't really know but I expect it'll be when we get some time.

Denise: Don't do it this yeag, 'cos 'Posh and Becham', it'll be the 'Wedding of the Year'! They'll steal all the limelight because they are so "Posh"!!
Louise: It's okay, they can have it!!


Denise: Have the same catering, the 'Vol-au-Vents', and 'Trifle'!!
[Laughter - Somebody Shouts Out, "Trifle!?"]

Louise: I am not having blinking "Trifle"!

Denise: 'Ice-Gems' to pick on.

Denise: Would you invite all your old school friends, because I know that you went to the "Itali-Conti" Dance School.
Louise: Yeah, to be honest, when the day is right for us, I think it will be a quiet affair somewhere, family and stuff.

Denise: Would you go for the "full monty", and have the Meringue and Wedding Dress?
Louise: No, I think I just want to do it somewhere, quietly away somewhere...

Denise: Do it on a beach.
Louise: ...Family and that's it...like I said before.

Denise: Fantastic.
Denise: So at school, were you always the beautfiful one? Were you always a bit of a "babe" then?
Louise: No I was always the "short little dumpy one".

Denise: Were you?
Louise: You know me from school!

Denise: You weren't "short and dumpy"!
Louise: And you were tall and skinny!

Denise: Just a wippit with no boobs!

Denise: We have got a little reminder of your early years for you, do you recognise this....
[Music: "Save Your Kisses For Me"]

Denise: Do you remember this? This is what started it all for you.
Louise: It was - I loved it.

Denise: My first record I brought was "Thriller".
Louise: That was late, weren't you into music that early?

Denise: No I was into [Sarcastically] "Cabbage-Patch" dolls...then I moved onto "boys"!

Denise: Do you sing along to it still?
Louise: No I wouldn't put my band through haven't to listen to it!


Louise: I don't think I would be popular if I started to play that on the bus! They are all into "Funky" stuff!!

Denise: So What music do you play on the bus? Do you listen to your own music?
Louise: No never. The only time I listen to my own music is if I am planning a show or something. But never just to chill!

Denise: But we love it. Thank you very much to Louise for coming in to see us. Give her a big cheer.

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