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Discography Section (Elbow Beach)

This page contains all the songs that have been released from the third album "Elbow Beach" - an exceptional 12 track Album!!!

The Third Album:

Elbow Beach - The Album
Elbow Beach Album
Elbow Beach Album
Highest UK Chart position: Number 12
Release Date: 31st July, 2000
Comment: Louise's Third Solo Album is a more mature album full of exceptional hits, which is very different from her first two solo albums! With the majority of the songs co-written by Louise herself! Lets hope it pitches high in the UK album chart!!

CD Number: 5276142 (PM520) (45:29)

  1. Beautiful Inside (3:42)
  2. First Kiss (The Wedding Song) (3:30)
  3. 2 Faced (3:42)
  4. For Your Eyes Only (3:23)
  5. Egyptian Queen (4:50)
  6. The Best Thing (3:40)
  7. Bedtime (3:27)
  8. That's What Friends Are For (4:25)
  9. Take You There (4:39)
  10. City Box Fix (3:03)
  11. In Our Room (4:03)
  12. Lost (3:03)

The Third Album Singles:

2 Faced
2 Faced (CD1)
2 Faced Single (CD1)

2 Faced (CD2)
2 Faced Single (CD2)

2 Faced (Promo CD)
2 Faced Single (Promo CD)
Highest UK Chart Position: Number 3
Total Weeks in the UK Top 40: 6
Release Date: 17th July, 2000
Comment: An upbeat return track 2 years after Louise disappeared from the music scene. This certainly illustrates her mature composing and singing ability, a great come-back track that promises to be a smash hit in the charts!!!!

CD1 Number: CDEMS 570 (10:13)

  1. 2 Faced (3:41)
  2. Say Yes (3:30)
  3. Lost (3:02)
  4. 2 Faced Video

CD2 Number: CDEM 570 (20:03)

  1. 2 Faced (3:41)
  2. 2 Faced (Agnelli & Nelson Vocal Mix) (8:39)
  3. 2 Faced (Perfect Phase Vocal) (7:43)

Beautiful Inside
Beautiful Inside (CD1)
Beautiful Inside (CD1)

Beautiful Inside (CD2)
Beautiful Inside (CD2)

Beautiful Inside (Promo CD)
Beautiful Inside (Promo CD)
Highest UK Chart Position: Number 13
Total Weeks in the UK Top 40: 5
Release Date: 30 October 2000
Comment: This is such a great track but unfortunately lacked airplay, with very LITTLE (if any!) media advertisement. Still another great hit record for a loyal fan which did pretty well in comparison beatin the likes of the Corrs and Limp BizKit.

CD1 Number: CDEMS 575 (10:47)

  1. Beautiful Inside (3:16)
  2. Clear Water (4:04)
  3. Better Back Off (3:25)
  4. Beautiful Inside Video

CD2 Number: CDEM 575 (16:32)

  1. Beautiful Inside (Radio Edit) (3:16)
  2. Beautiful Inside (D-Bops Saturday Night Mix) (6:31)
  3. Beautiful Inside (Sleaze Sisters Anthem Mix) (6:43)

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