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Album Reviews Form

Album Reviews Form

Here are the reviews which I have received so far from other Louise fans:

Please select an album to view the reviews related to that specific album, or scroll down to view all of the reviews in turn.

The Ratings Range from "1" (Not at all to my tastes) to "10" (A total masterpiece).


Amazon.co.uk - John Galilee:
Member of the original line-up of the successful soul/pop group Eternal, Louise Nurding's debut album Naked proved that she had the talent to go it alone. As the title suggests, the album represents the unveiling of Louise as a solo pop personality, confident and self-assured. "One Kiss From Heaven" and "Light of My Life", especially, are catchy tracks which highlight Louise's finely-honed pop abilities and chart sensibilities.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Sue Fowler:
Well this was a fine debut album with more of the same high quality pop of the singles. This album is very different to any of her previous work with Eternal as it is clearly pop. There are many a stand-out track such as Thinking About You Baby and Discussions but it's the singles that are the real gems. In Walked Love is very upbeat and is far better than the slower ones such as Light Of My Life (a little bland). It's a very unpretentious album, unlike many today. Louise never pretends to be anything she's not and doesn't attempt any power ballads but mostly sticks to the light pop that she's so good at. The backing singers are harmonious and her vocals are reasonably impressive.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Stephen Moore:
The "sexiest woman in the world" (allegedly) split from her old band, Eternal, in 1995, and in '96 this great album was released. It is perhaps not the most sophisticated album, but it's great fun to listen to and all her early hits are here, especially the incredible "Naked". Don't miss out.

Rating: 9 out of 10

'A Music Fan From England':
Louise's debut album is a fantastic effort to prove she can really sing. With the songs ranging from up-tempo dancing songs, to slow and touching ballards. She has a brilliant voice and makes the important chnage from " Louise Ex Eternal member " into Louise a respectsble solo artist.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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Mahesh Patel:
This album is full of enticing performances from Louise. Louise was formally from the group Eternal. Now that she has split, she has gone on to create some excellent music, which is clearly apparent on this album. `Arms Around the World` has a lot of sparkling sounding music within it. Her voice is projected crisply and directly throughout the whole album. This is especially true of `Arms Around the World` and `Shut Up and Kiss Me`. The downside is that I have heard all of the songs over and over again - as a result I am currently suffering from ad-nausea, so be careful not to listen too much and for too long. You should take many breaks from listening, because it can be infectious!

Rating: 9 out of 10

Lim Chong Lim:
The best thing Louise had done to her career was to leave British R&B group Eternal. Where she was once overshadowed by three singers with big vocals she can't hope to compete with, and where she was stifled from musically expressing herself the way she would have wanted to, this pretty-petite soloist can now freely do her own thing. Louise's previous solo effort received moderately warm response but that was because she was just learning how to walk, so to speak. With Woman In Me, however, she proves that she has enough substance to stand on her own. Louise's vocals may not be as soulful nor as powerful as Eternal's but she more than compensates with a careful selection of incredibly melodic tracks that bring out the best of her skills. 'When Will My Heart Beat Again" admirably shows her Toni Braxton-ish streak, the weepy 'Trust In Me' her lover's angst and 'All Around The World' her upbeat best. Featuring an array of soothing ballads, bright pop and bouncy pop-dance ditties, Woman In Me is the type of album you would listen to when comfortably snuggled up in bed with a good book. Or whenever you want to feel good. Woman In Me - a hackneyed title perhaps, but never the content.

Rating: 7 out of 10

Stephen Moore:
"Woman In Me" is a far more accomplished album than "Naked" was, more sophisticated with a lot more adult appeal this is Louise's true breakthrough album. The sound is more mature and the whole thing has a lot more polish. She finally has shaken off the "ex-Eternal" tag and this album reveals that she is as capable alone as in a group.

Rating: 10 out of 10

'A Music Fan From England':
Louise's 2nd album is much better than the first. She shows she can hold a note as well as she can dance to them. This album is great there is something here for everyone, move over Celine, Mariah, Natalie and Britney - because Louise is the best!

Rating: 9 out of 10

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CD Paradise:
Anybody expecting a continuation of the heavily produced, sickly-sweet pop of Louise's previous solo work, could well find themselves in for something of a surprise upon hearing the mature material proffered on Elbow Beach. Since the 1997 album, Woman In Me, she has become Mrs Redknapp and married life seems to have given her a fresh outlook, providing the impetus for a more personally creative offering.

The essential difference is that Louise has written much of the material as well as helping to produce the album, and as a result the songs are delivered with an abundance of soul. In the same way that finding true love inspired Richard Ashcroft's solo album Alone With Everybody, Louise's happiness and devotion are infused into Elbow Beach; the album is actually named after the resort in which she spent her honeymoon and the tracks First Kiss (The Wedding Song), Bedtime and In Our Room, act as a 'soundtrack' to the passion and love, so prominent in her new life. Having previously been 'packaged' to be sexy, Louise proves that she can be even more so when left to her own devices. Elbow Beach is not the work of the 'girl-next-door' of past incarnations; it is an expression of love through intelligence and maturity, from a star who is just beginning to truly blossom.

Rating: 7 out of 10

After a two-year honeymoon period, just relaxing at home and being a wife to Liverpool FC player Jamie Redknapp, Louise is back in the music scene with her third solo album, ‘Elbow Beach’. You’ll have heard the first single ‘2 Faced’, a pop classic, which Louise insists isn’t about the ‘girls’ (Eternal). The rest of the album is full of slick pop numbers, and appears to be all about the joys of sex and marriage, with tracks like ‘First Kiss (The Wedding Song)’, ‘Bedtime’ and ‘In Our Room’. Hubby Jamie must feel either very proud or embarrassed to hear some of these songs! Even the title of the album, ‘Elbow Beach’, refers to the beach where the couple spent their honeymoon.

Louise certainly sounds very happy and relaxed in this period in her life, and ‘Elbow Beach’ is a very mature and polished album. She also sounds quite sexy and husky on tracks like ‘Beautiful Inside’. The production is seamless – very slick and dancey on tracks like ‘For Your Eyes Only’ (it’s even a bit Madonna-like), and laidback on ‘Egyptian Queen’ and ‘That’s What Friends Are For’.

Who knows, perhaps the next release will be about the joy of having loads of kids, but for now, ‘Elbow Beach’ is a classy and sexy pop album and the best thing she’s done. It sounds as if Jamie’s a very lucky man indeed.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Amazon.co.uk - Dan Gennoe:
As transformations go, that of Louise Nurding to Louise Redknapp, is more impressive than anything Stars In Their Eyes have ever done. In the two years she's been away, the ex- Eternal girl better known for her posing than for her pop, has married, matured and discovered the essence of a good song...sex and conviction. Marrying her long-time footballing love Jamie Redknapp has obviously had a profound effect on her; Elbow Beach is named after the golden stretch of sand where she spent her honeymoon and "First Kiss (The Wedding Song)", "Bed Time" and "In Our Room" are all dedicated to the joy of sex and being married. And this time, unlike the supposedly sexy songs from her previous platinum selling albums Naked and Woman In Me, she sounds like she means it--probably because this time she wrote it. The pop is slick in a George Michael "Fast Love" way, the lyrics occasionally pointed (she attacks media luvvies and pop hangers on with "Beautiful Inside" and single "2Faced") in a George Michael way, and without a doubt her sexy, sophisticated and grown-up third album is the best thing she's done.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Neil Rowntree:
This album has seen Louise move from her pop,upbeat of Naked, In Walked Love, and Lets Go Round Again, (with the exception of City Boy Fix, from this album)To a more 'sexy' Louise. But She seems to lack the harshness need for 2 Faced (but perhaps thats the point?)

All in all quite a disappointing album, with fewer tracks than her previous 2 albums, and not one song seemed to stand out and make you want to play it again.

Sorry Louise....

Rating: 6 out of 10

John Marathon:
Louise returns with classy r'n'b cd Louise has produced an excellent new CD and it is the most consistent and heartfelt of her career. "First Kiss" oozes class as does the single "2 faced". Louise is trying to develop a style of her own and largely succeeds. If supported by a tour this CD has the potential to hang around the charts for a while with a number of potential singles. Is the writer of track "For your Eyes Only" THE Alison Clarkson, if so, welcome back Betty Boo!

Rating: 8 out of 10

Natalie Duigenan:
I have been looking forard to this album for ages and it is well worth the wait. A 2 year break has certainly been to Louise's advantage. The music has taken a new direction and the songs are top class. "2-Faced" has certainly done the business as a comeback single but her next release "Beautiful Inside" is even better!

Other great songs are "Egyptian Queen", "City Boy Fix" and "That's What Friends Are For". In fact, I can honestly say there is not one bad song on the album.

I really hope it does well because it really deserves to.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Tony Harding:
AMAZING!, we have not been disappointed. The only word to describe this album sound wise is "Sexy" and the words Louise and sexy go together very very well. Elbow Beach isn't an perfect album because nothing is perfect in the music business these days, but is damm close to being it. Mrs Redknapp is about to become top of the diva premier league with what I would say one of best records that I've heard in a long time. Listen and taken notes Britney and come in Madonna, your time is up now pass over the crown to the genuine Queen of pop.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Tej S Chana:
This will see Louise dominate the globe! It is sheer class, very different to "Naked" and "Woman In Me". "2 Faced" is just so different and it is sure to be a top 5 hit!! "First Kiss" is layed back as if you are *in* "Elbow Beach". "Lost" sees a hint of Natalie Imbruglia and "City Box Fix" is just class. There is only one Louise and there is only one Number One Album of the Year and you don't need me telling you what it is!!

Rating: 10 out of 10

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