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Electronic Birthday Card

Electronic Greeting Card

The following are the previous messages which have already been posted by visitors. These will be included in the Year 2001, Louise's 27th, birthday card!

(To view the messages for last year's birthday card (Louise's 26th Birthday), please click here.)

Entry #: 1
Name: Aaron Brigatti
Region/State/County: East Sussex
Country: United Kingdom
Message: Louise, you are the one and only! Wishing you a very happy 27th birthday and many good luck for the future!!

Entry #: 2
Name: Ian Rothwell
Region/State/County: Kent
Country: United Kingdom
Message: Best wishes.

Entry #: 3
Name: Scott Wilks
Region/State/County: Cheshire
Country: United Kingdom
Message: Happy Birthday,
Hope to see you on tour soon, Love Scott.

Entry #: 4
Name: Robert Hermans
Region/State/County: Moenchengladbach / NRW
Country: Germany
Message: Happy birthday Louise!
You are the greatest.
Love Robert.

Entry #: 5
Name: Marco Rossi
Region/State/County: Merseyside
Country: United Kingdom
Message: Happy Birthday Lou...love Marco.

Entry #: 6
Name: Karyn Heggie
Region/State/County: Scotland
Country: United Kingdom
Message: Happy birthday babes, don't get too drunk without me!

Entry #: 7
Name: Laura Mc Neill
Region/State/County: Co-Tyrone
Country: Ireland
Message: Just a quick note to say have a great day and keep those great songs coming! Laura.

Entry #: 8
Name: Manju Mohey
Region/State/County: Derby
Country: United Kingdom
Message: Louise! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! You have always been a good singer, wish you a good career and a good life with your family!

Other Electronic Greetings Cards

You may also send someone else an electronic greetings card if you wish. (They must have an e-mail address!). Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion, you can do so direct from this website, simply click the respective image below:

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