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Source:  Looks Magazine
Date:  May 1998
Heading:  Louise Gets Cool!
Interviewer:  Angeli Parmar


Louise: The Pop Star might be the world's sexiest babe (or something), but she is also a consummate professional. She turns up on time. She's friendly. She doesn't make a fuss about the clothes we've picked out for her. She knows exactly how to pose so we get great pictures. She has no outrageous demands. She doesn't believe her own hype.

Louise: The Person could be your best mate. She's a good laugh. She's down to earth. She's not a prima donna. She dresses casually, not like she just jumped out of a magazine shoot. She's not in love with herself. She loves shopping, just like you do. She's funny, not insipid as you might think. She wants to spend Valentine's Day with her boyfriend - but then you probably wouldn't mind spending it with Jamie Redknapp either. She loves the same stuff you do!

Louise Loves...

Prada Natch! "I've just come back from doing some promotional work in Italy, and Prada is half-price in Milan so I treated myself. I bought some wedge-heeled perspex mules and some trousers."

The High Street "I'm not a complete designer freak and I don't have a favourite designer. I think you can get a bit carried away if you just wear one designer all the time and you can end up looking like one of their adverts. If I like it, I'll wear it - it doesn't have to be designer. Like today, I'm wearing army pants from DKNY, but I might buy another pair from 'Miss Selfridge', with a 'Marks and Spencer' thermal vest as a T-shirt and a fleece from 'Oasis'. I bought my fleece when I was in your in Glasgow and it was absolutely freezing. I also like French Connection."

Street Style "During the day I dress really casually. I have to be comfortable if I'm running round and travelling. If I'm going out for the evening, then I like to make an effort and dress up."

Pink "I've recently brought a few pink and lilac things, like a little bag and a cardigan, to wear in the evening. I usually tend to stick to plain black when I go out and think I'm really boring when it comes to colour."

Sleep "My beautdy secret, definitely! There's nothing better than getting a full eight hours of sleep. If I don't get enough, I find that my skin starts getting bad. It's my own fault - I'm so crap at drinking loads of water and avoiding caffeine. I'm always guzzling 'Diet Coke' and 'Fanta', so that doesn't help! I don't have a beauty regime as such, but I can't go to bed without taking my make-up off. I'm not really loyal to my cleansing and moisturising products. One week I'll splash out on loads of Clarins stuff, and the next I'll rush into Boots and buy an 'Oil of Ulay' foaming facial wash. I tend to use soap and water as well."

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream "A real wonder product! I use it on my lips to stop them going dry and I can't live without it! Loads of make-up artists have used it on me and I become hooked. It smells lovely and you can use it everywhere, on dry skin, on chapped lips, on your fingernails - and one tiny little tub lasts forever."

My Eyebrows "The best beauty decision I ever made was getting my eyebrows plucked a lot thinner. When I was in 'Eternal' I had really thick, square eyebrows and I got quite upset when a make-up artist plucked them a lot thinner, because it made my face look really different. Now, looking back on it, I think it was the best thing - it really opened up my face and made me look a bit older."

Knee-Length Skirts "My top tip! I love them and anyone can wear one - you don't have to be tall or thin or big or small. You can wear them with a jumper and trainers in the daytime, or in the evening with a little top and heels. You've got to have one!"

Trainers "I'm always buying trainers. I've got all sorts - 'Nike Air Max' and little old skool ones. but I do get my wear out of them - I always wear them when I'm travelling. I've travelled around so much that I've got used to packing and I'm quite a minimal packer now. Shoes are the only problem - I take loads of pairs! They say that if you've got a shoe obsession then it means that you spent the nine months in your mum's tummy looking down at your feet!"

Impulse Buys "I'm useless at bargins. Kéllé, in 'Eternal', would always find great bargins and it used to nark me all the time! I don't know how she did it. She'd come in wearing something which she got down the market for hardly any money and it would look as good as more expensive stuff. I'm more impulsive - if I see something I'll just but it and hope I still like it when I get home! I recently bought a really extravagant item. It's a knee-length black leather coat from 'Gucci', and it cost a lot of money, but it was a luxury - I treated myself!"

Veggie Food "I love stuff like mashed potato and typical English food. I've been a vegetarian for about four years, even since I saw this horrific programme about how animals are transported and slaughtered. I think it's natural for animals to eat other animals and I do wear leather, but I just don't believe that with our technology and the money made from the meat industry, that we can't transport and slaughter them in a more humane way. Why do they have to put 15 sheep in a tiny truck so they break their legs? Are you telling me that they can't afford two trucks? After seeing the programme it wasn't difficult to give up meat, even though I'd been brought up on a typical English diet. I think my diet's quite healthy - purely because there isn't much veggie fast food. I eat a lot of pasta, fruit and veg."

Shopping "I love shopping when I'm just out with my girlfriends on a Saturday morning. It's more fun if I'm not after anything in particular. It can be a bit of a hassle if I'm after something specific because I never find what I'm looking for."

Demi Moore "There's something very womanly about her and she's got a bit of everything - she's attractive, pretty and sexy, even though all her features might not be absolutely perfect. I think she's beautiful."

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