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Party In The Park Concerts

Party In The Park Concerts

Preston Park, Brighton, East Sussex, England (UK)
(Held on Sunday, 22 June 1997)

(Party in the Park, Preston Park)

(For a complete photo gallery of the
Brighton 1997 Party In The Park, Click Here)

The party was hosted by Southern FM (The Local Radio Station in Sussex) and Nynex (The Cable Company). The FREE Open air gig was the biggest ever held in Sussex and was held as a big (but wet) success!

Below is a copy of Brighton's Evening Argus's report of the event.


Source:  The Argus Newspaper
Date:  Monday, 23rd June 1997
Heading:  Louise Lavishes Praise on Wet Fans
Interviewer:  Nigel Freedman


Sexy Singer, Louise was one of a host of stars who paid tribute to fans who braved torrential rain at Brighton's Party in the Park yesterday.

More than 30,000 people gathered in Preston Park to see top acts which included 911, Republica, Shola Ama, Alisha's Attic and Jimmy Somerville.


Louise, just engaged to Liverpool soccer star Jamie Redknapp, said: "The fans were absoultely amazing. They stood in the rain all day to see us."

Organisers, Southern FM and Nynex, declared the free show a massive success, and said they were hoping to make it an annual event.


Louise, Voted sexiest woman in the world in a magazine poll, was full of praise for the fans who made her day.  She was the last star on stage and got the biggest cheer of the day as she sang her hit Singles: Undivided Love, In Walked Love, Naked and the latest hit single, One Kiss From Heaven.

Speaking exclusively to the Argus, she said, "These kids are absolutely amazing. It makes you realise just how dedicated your fans are when they put up with weather like this."

Organisers of yesterday's show said some fans arrived at midnight on Saturday to get the best spots for the four-hour free show. Others began arriving from 6am and three hours later there were more than 2,000 fans waiting for the show to begin.

Many of the people who came to this party stayed right to the end of the show, most of them probably stayed because of Louise! I went with Ian M. Fleetwood who was kind enough to let me sit on his shoulders when Louise went on stage, because of this I was able to use up two whole films on this artist. Click here to view the exclusive picture collection!

If you have any other concert reports of Louise, or know of any other gigs that she is doing in your area, please pass the information onto me for inclusion on this website - you will, of course, be credited for it! Thank you!

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