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Source:  Channel 4's 'Star Talk' Teletext Service
Date:  9th March 1996
Heading:  Louise


Since parting ways with her pals in Eternal, 21-year-old singer Louise has been making it on her own.
"Some days I miss the old times with Eternal, but I'm really happy with the way my career is now," she says.

"Everyone has to move on and do different things. I had to leave and do what was more suited to me. For me it was the right time to move on."

All the boys want to go out with her and all the girls want to look like her - Lou's got it made!
"I don't think my looks have a lot to do with my songs selling. My image is very every day - I don't have a strong look with wacky statements. It's me."

"My work is my exercise, but I try to watch what I eat. I'm a vegetarian 'cos I think animals should be kept and slaughtered much more humanely."

Lou has every sympathy with the Take That lads about their split.
"I know what it's like to be in a band and lose your life. I think it's sad they've broken up, but they've gone out on top. They were a great band."

"Boyzone are the nicest bunch of boys I've ever met. They're just so... nice! They're always themselves and no one can say a bad word about them."

Even though ex-Eternal singer Louise is single at the mo', she fondly remembers a romantic boyfriend.
"I was about 19 or 20 and was working in New York. I missed my boyfriend badly, but had no idea he'd ever do something like this..."

"He flew all the way from London to New York and surprised me! It was wonderful - it's the most romantic thing a bloke's ever done for me!"

She's a cool girl - and really knows her onions when it comes to lads.
"I've had my heart broken - I guess everyone has. But you do get over it - I just like to look at what I've got rather than what I've lost", she says.

"Girls who steal other girls' boyfriends are the lowest of the low. I'm looking for someone who's there for me - someone with a good heart. A tall, dark, handsome man wouldn't go amiss!"

Louise reckons the hoo-hah about sex in teen mags and AIDS in teen soaps is a storm in a tea cup.
"Adults get so hyped up about what they think teenagers know and don't know. Thing is, kids probably already know all the stuff adults want to hide!"

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